5 Great reasons

Why women only.

There is a variety of motivations which women-only tap into among women adventure travelers. These are the ones that motivated us to create women-only safaris.  

#1 More Venus, less Mars.

The number one reason we do women-only tours is that this way we provide a safe space. Do what you want, wear what you want, smell how you smell naturally, let your hair down and feel free.

Women want to try things, but traveling with males, sometimes they don’t think they can. It’s not everybody, but there are women who feel that they just can’t be themselves with men around. 

The absence of tensions and competition that go along with mixed-gender groups provides Miss Guided Safaris travelers with an unique experience that is focused on themselves and the community of like-minded women. This affords our female travelers with the maximum opportunities to take on the challenges, reach new heights, relax and regenerate in a “risk-free” environment.

#2 No third wheels.

With the majority of women traveling as individuals, a key benefit is that you immediately fit into the group. Not having to deal with the male-female pair energies inherent in trips frequented by couples, means our solo travelers are never the “odd girl out”, of feel they are a third-wheel.

#3 New friends.

Women often tell us, they enjoy meeting like-minded women and making new friends. From sharing stories and common experiences to comparing ideas and perspectives, the potential for connecting with other interesting women in an atmosphere rich with positive energy and camaraderie, is magical. We all support each other; it’s an engaging environment full of companionship, conversation, and communication. In many cases, the friendships which begin on a single trip are deep and long lasting. 

#4 Freedom to be you.

Traveling with other women gives a unique sense of self. You can truly find some “me” time, so precious and rare for many women in their everyday lives. You can stop being caregivers and caretakers, busy professionals and worker bees, proactive family organizers and budget police, and just be yourself.
Freedom of thought. Freedom of word. Freedom of action. Time for introspection and self-discovery. You deserve every second of it.

#5 More fun.

Many women believe traveling in a women-only group is just plain, more fun. Sure, there are other opinions and experiences. For those who are afraid of catfights, let me tell you, I wouldn’t have turned my life upside down for that. Come and embark on the adventure with us and enjoy a supportive and respectful adventure.

Women like to laugh, like to meet total strangers, and share stories of commonality and cultural differences. Women love learning from one another, absorbing each other’s experiences like willing sponges, full of curiosity about each other’s lives. Women love life and all it has to offer. And certainly, most enjoy their sundowners and a good giggle.