Respect the unexpected.

Priority: safety.

Safety, preparation and confidence in learned skills are the most critical factors to a joyful and empowering Miss Guided Safaris tour. Before we set off into the Wild, you get meticulously prepared. Here is how.

12 ways to ensure your
safety and security at all times.

# 1 Vehicles are perfectly maintained and equipped exactly for our purpose.

# 2We thoroughly go through all precaution and safety measures that need to be followed and review this information regularly.

# 3

    Taking medical precautions as

  • providing all information for medical preparation of the trip long in advance
  • teaching about major medical risks and strategies of avoidance
  • Include flying Doctor services of ‚Okavango Air Rescue‘ in our prices which means that should anyone get into an emergency situation the air evacuation medical rescue will take place immediately without having to check with the personal insurer, We also familiarise everyone with all procedures, necessary GPS devices included.
  • all vehicles are equipped with first aid kits
  • your guide is first-aid trained and certified.

# 4 We carry a satellite telephone at all times for emergency use.

# 5 We provide driving training that includes 4×4 circuit use, water crossing, deep sand driving, towing vehicles, emptying and inflating tires, etc.

# 6 We train in how to give instructions on radio communication from vehicle to vehicle. Every vehicle is equipped with a two-way radio. Guide is reachable 24/7.

# 7 We familiarize with the Code of Conduct for the bush, Code of Ethics and the laws and rules for driving in National Parks in Botswana.

# 8 We teach about animal behavior and ecology of the environment to enable everyone to adjust driving and animal encounters accordingly.

# 9 We shall never force anyone to do anything that they are feeling absolutely uncomfortable doing or have strong reservations about. Stretching boundaries with 100% safety requires respecting boundaries, your own and others.

# 10 We ensure sufficient rest and relaxation.

# 11 Tours are guided and accompanied by a professional safari guide.

# 12 Safety first.