What others experienced.


Confidence and self-esteem

I have been dreaming of travelling through Africa half of my life – at least. And at the same time, I never imagined myself sitting on a safari vehicle, driving out from a lodge in the morning, get back, eat, sleep and drive out on a afternoon game drive again. That’s not my kind of adventure. When a friend then told me about Miss Guided Safaris, I knew straight away: I’m gonna do it. It turned out to be a fabulous decision. I now feel free and confident to go on a self-drive trip myself. Without the 12 days with Maika I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Her driver training was so incredibly helpful. I grew confidence and self-esteem. She taught us so much about flora and fauna, animal behaviour, encounters, driving … Simply unbelievable, how much I learned. Also about myself. No day was like the other. We saw breathtaking wildlife, sceneries and pristine bush camps. The number of elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos and predators exceeded our expectation. There had been quite a few unforgettable events and my friends love the stories I have to tell. Thank you Maika for your leadership and this close camaraderie and friendship you created amongst us.

Marina Giovanzana

Financial Analyst, Italy

Out of comfort zone

I am so happy that my friend and I made the decision to go on a trip, that felt sooo far out of our comfort zones and never thought we could do it. But Miss Guided Safaris, and Maika in person, have such an amazing way to give confidence and ease. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of our tour, exploring this true jewel in Africa, and a whole new side of myself. It was simply life-changing. I extended my comfort zone beyond imagination and feel I now can reach every goal I want. Grateful to you all. 

Theresa Blahy

Teacher, Germany

Never experienced a trip as special as this one

I had the most incredible adventure with Miss Guided Safaris. I never experienced a trip as special as this one. It was simply life changing, I absolutely loved it. Maika was a terrific person to travel with. She is so patient, helpful and knowledgeable. She kept us all safe and on track in a fun way. Her temperament is contagious – super calm when necessary and on fire when we needed it. I had total trust in her, which is not self-evident, when you’re camping in the African bush and have a couple of people to lead and take care of. It was truly a trip of a lifetime and I definitely will be back for more water crossings and fascinating animal encounters. Miss Guided Safaris is absolutely UNIQUE .

Lena Wickert

TV Producer, Germany

Miss Guided Safaris ROOOCKS!

Great fun? Yes. Best life experience. EVER!

Anja Dittrich

Owner Marketing Agency, Germany

Fully hooked

I travel all-around the world, Africa was not really on my bucket list and especially not camping. As a member of a well-known business club, I have seen many beautiful places and hotels on every continent. Then I met Maika and her passion about her company Miss Guided Safaris and the African wilderness caught me. What convinced me to join her self-driving trip was the mixture of camping in the untouched, pure wilderness and experiencing a stunning fly-in lodge at the end of the trip. I was fully hooked when Maika told me, that only women come on her trips and that I would drive my own 4×4, sharing it with one of them. I got super excited and – must admit – was a bit concerned about safety. But the driver training in the beginning, the radio communication between the vehicles, instructions and lessons on animal behaviour, the time she took to guide us through deep sand or even handling elephants in camp, Maika made me feel completely safe all times. She knows what she’s doing. 
I was mesmerised by the magic of this unique trip and had probably the best holiday I have ever had in my life. I will come back with my friends and go on a private self-drive safari with you.

Karen Cordle

Head of People and Organization, USA


I cannot stop raving about the lovely time I had traveling with Miss Guided Safaris. I was initially slightly sceptical, always being a solo traveler and not knowing a single soul on the trip. But all my concerns were alleviated right from the start, when Maika picked us up from the airport in Maun and made all of us getting to know each other in such a chilled and beautiful way. On this unique Luxury Girlzz trip I had the most incredible time. Besides the thrilling adventures and countless moments of tranquility in the African bush, either in dust and sand or the stunning lodge, I made friends for life. I look forward to explore more other destinations in Africa with Miss Guided Safaris. Thanks a million.

Claire Dussenbroek

CMO, Netherlands

Good old Ernest

I just say it in the words of Hemingway how I felt on my first trip with Miss Guided Safaris “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.” Thank you for the most amazing experience.

Edda Mann

Owner Fashion Store, Germany

First sundowner

I will never forget my first sundowner in Botswana. Only four hours after landing at the airport, I found myself sitting with Maika and three others near a pool full of hippos. No lights, no city noise, no nothing just the sun going down, the darkness, the stars, the sound of a million frogs and a lovely gin tonic. We all had tears in our eyes. Only this moment was worth a visit, not even starting with the indescribable Wild Child Tour we started the next day. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. To all women: I hope you will experience the same. If I could, I would give this experience to every human being.

Margriet Zegers

Project Manager, Netherlands

Something out there sniffing and shuffling

A thin tent wall separates me from the hunting ground of Botswana’s largest predators. Lying in our roof top tent, I can still see the red glowing signs of our campfire in front of a starry sky. I breath out and feel one with the universe.
At first, it’s easy to fall asleep. The long hot day is full of adventure: a lion pride chasing a young elephant bull along the Chobe River into the thick bushes; a fish eagle holding its big wriggling prey in it’s claws and then letting it fall; a nervous giraffe throwing it’s forelegs aside to drink at the waterhole; wild dogs curiously coming up to the car to then dance away again. We did our self-drivers homework: changed a tire, cleaned out the fridge, made fire and cooked a delicious bush menu for dinner.
As the night thickens, I become aware of a scratch, something out there sniffing and shuffling, curious rather than threatening. There is an attack on the oil drum trash cans. At the same time, but far enough away to not speed up my heartbeat, I hear the unmistakable roar of a lion. Then there are the rubbing and digging noises and the padded feet of something very big. I quietly call my friend in the tent right next to mine. She whispers back and we both risk a sneak through the mosquito net. „Can you see anything on your side?“, I ask her as quietly as I can. „Yes,“ she says, „elephants“. Then I see them too. Only a few meters away, a huge elephant strokes the ground to get to the roots of the grass. I freeze. He is so close, that I could count his eyelashes.
Next morning, I climb down the ladder and it’s as if nothing’s happened, except that there is a number of tracks around the car – the elephant’s big flat prints. But where do the hyena’s paws come from?


Maikas Mom